Some sites are meant to be left to Mother Nature’s care. Others can be enhanced with inspired collaboration between Owner, Architect, Contractor and tradespeople where the combination of building and landscape becomes art and feels as natural as if the two were of the same beginning. Just as nature is timeless, so should the structure be.


Designing and building a home is an exploration involving many levels of decisions and communication. The process is as important as the final form and finishes. The thoughtful and deliberate combination of room relationships, materials, colors, light sound and site is what give a home it’s spirit and character. Every client has unique desires and dreams. Those should be reflected in the home combined with the Architect’s vision and the unique characteristics of the site.


When we experience an exceptional work of art or architecture, we are not often aware of the fact that we inherently look for imperfections. The longer it takes to find those anomalies, the more we appreciate the quality of what we observe. Regardless of the budget, it is the goal of ECA to extend that observation time as much as possible.


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